In our luxury massage saloon «RichMassage» working beautiful professionals.  In the beautiful city Almaty city, there is only one  place, where a variety of massages and techniques from around the world are presented.

 Balinese Massage Oil - it's relaxing, stimulating massage. Based on the traditions of the Indonesian islands.

 Massage 4 hands-gives you a feeling of harmony and dance by working with your body.

 RichMasssage-truly the most incredible pleasure you can feel when you are doing massage by 4 girls at one time.

 Stone therapy - is almost the most ancient way of relaxation therapy with a millennial history - is almost the most ancient way of relaxation with a millennial history.

 More than 15 types of massage performed by our masters, who welcomes you to our saloon. Elite Massage in Almaty, the saloon RichMassage specifically aims to restore your strength and energize your body.

 Sometimes we work and do not notice that life flies that have joy and that it was time to think about myself and give myself a heavenly pleasure.

 You will be treated to a delicious tea, and cheerfully greeted you will always remain happy and rich atmosphere salon and our friendly staff.