Balinese Massage Oil

This type of massage aims to stimulate blood circulation and complete relaxation of your body. Massage is done by professional experts in their field, which causes a sufficient amount of oil for deep and relaxing effect. Massage is all over the body and takes 90 minutes.

Royal massage 4 hands

Tandem massage in 4 hands- this incredible feeling of synergy 2 professional massage experts performing massage in rhythm with each other four feeling hands Massage in 4 hands or Tandem Massage, gives a sense of lightness, ensures excellent results and incomparable experience! The procedure lasts 90 minutes.

Stone Massage (hot stone massage)

Stone therapy - this is almost the most ancient way of relaxation with a millennial history. Hot stone massage has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, helps to normalize blood pressure, stimulates the central and autonomic nervous system, and reduces muscle fatigue and stress. 

The procedure lasts 90 minutes.

Special RICH Massage

"VIP 8"

Truly the most incredible pleasure you can feel when at the same time you getting massage by massage experts.

This process is so breathtaking that you cannot understand it was a dream or reality. Each of your cell  thrills with a sense of enjoyment.  You will realize that there are sensations brighter you cannot imagine. The procedure lasts 90 minutes.

Royal Body- massage

Work of two masters, energy of two people nourish and gives you the power to charge all week.

Fresh Orange

Due to natural composition of oranges they are endowed with astringent and firming properties, improves color and gives young skin. This citrus fruit is rich in vitamin C, necessary for normal  functioning and regeneration of skin cells. After the main massage, you do massage with hot oranges. 

This is the perfect combination of warmth and tenderness of orange fibers will bring you a lot of  pleasure.

The procedure lasts 90 minutes.

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